Street Robber 1974


A street robber may use several methods to select their prey, depending on the situation and the environment they are operating in. Some common tactics include:

1: Observation: A street robber may watch potential victims for a period of time before deciding to strike. They may look for people who appear distracted, vulnerable, or carrying valuable items such as cash, jewelry, or expensive electronics.

2: Profiling: Street robbers may use profiling to identify potential victims. They may target people who appear to be tourists, new to the area, or unfamiliar with the local surroundings. They may also target people who are elderly, disabled, or appear to be physically weak.

3: Isolation: Street robbers may choose victims who are alone or in isolated areas, making it easier for them to carry out their crime without interference from others.

4: Time of Day: Street robbers may select their prey based on the time of day. For example, they may target people who are walking alone at night, as there are typically fewer people around and visibility is limited.

5: Body Language: Street robbers may look for body language cues that indicate vulnerability or fear, such as slouching, avoiding eye contact, or looking nervous.

Overall, street robbers are looking for easy targets that they can overpower quickly and without much resistance. They will often avoid people who appear confident, alert, or physically capable of defending themselves.

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